How to find a cheaper broadband deal

At a time when living costs are reaching a 40-year high with no sign of slowing down, you might be looking at ways to reduce your monthly bills and outgoings – one of which may be your broadband contract.

If yours is coming to an end, it’s definitely worth searching around to see what else is available. Unfortunately, customer loyalty isn’t quite what it used to be, and new rules have made it so much easier to switch your broadband or your phone contract. You could save £100s a year by switching to a better deal!

How much should you be paying?

It may shock you to know that the average household in the UK pays £40 a month for a superfast broadband service. But when you consider that current deals offered by internet service providers (ISPs) are a fraction of the cost, many people are paying over the odds for their service and could save money if they're out of their broadband contract.

By using price comparison sites, you can see a range of broadband offers available for your home. Or, if you’re aware of smaller operators not on these sites, it’s worth contacting them directly and seeing what they can offer you. Be sure to check out our helpful tips before you make the switch.

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Discounted broadband deals for low-income families

If you’re a low-income family receiving Universal Credit or other benefits, you may be eligible for a discounted broadband and phone service. You could be one of the millions of households missing out on average annual savings of £144 on your broadband alone!

You can find a list of broadband social tariffs that we’re aware of on our website. The offers available to you will depend on your location and what broadband speeds are available at your address.

What about phone contracts?

The same applies for phone contracts. If you’re out of contract then we’d recommend you visit a price comparison site to see if you can lower your monthly bill – or  increase the number of texts, minutes and data included in your contract for no extra cost.

What should you consider when changing your contract?

Here are some tips on what to consider when you’re looking to change your broadband contract…

  • What broadband speed do you need? It’s worth asking yourself if you really have a need for the fastest speeds. Generally speaking, the faster the speed, the more expensive a contract will be, so opting for slower speeds may save you money. Read our blog to find out more.
  • Are you willing to haggle? If you contact your broadband provider directly and say you are thinking about taking your custom elsewhere, they may be willing to lower the price to get you to stay with them. According to, broadband and phone firms are among the easiest to haggle with!
  • Should you talk to your current provider? If you’re struggling to pay your bills, it’s worth contacting your broadband provider as soon as possible. Many companies have schemes to help customers experiencing financial problems.
  • What about early exit fees? You may be charged a penalty if you switch your broadband deal before your contract ends. Even if you find a much cheaper deal elsewhere, it’s important to take into account any charges you’ll have to pay to switch.
  • Can the price go up during your contract? Unfortunately, yes – it is possible for providers to make price changes, even during the contract. This usually happens in line with inflation between February and April each year. However, if your provider hikes their prices and this wasn’t stated in the terms and conditions of your contract, you have the right to leave penalty-free.

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