Laptop recycling scheme

Do you have a laptop you could donate to help support us in tackling digital exclusion in Essex?

Digital Essex is on the hunt for old or unused devices!

Access to technology is crucial, and we want to help make sure that residents in Essex aren’t excluded from activities like keeping in touch with family and friends, completing homework, online training, ordering groceries, or accessing important health services.

As part of our digital inclusion activities, we are looking to receive laptop donations from the business community. Laptops would need to be no more than seven years old, be wiped and dropped off to our partner, tier1 Asset Management Ltd.


How the scheme works

We are working with tier1 Asset Management Ltd to recycle laptop donations and use the value created to buy new devices for those who need them most.

Do you have any unused laptop devices, which are less than seven years old and already wiped, that are gathering dust in your business? Or are you running a refresh programme and need help getting rid of your old devices? If so, please contact us.