Digital inclusion

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Digital inclusion is about making sure that no one is excluded from digital opportunities.

To make this happen, we have created a Digital Strategy for Essex, which sets out our plans to work closely with our key partners to coordinate initiatives that can provide:

  • Access to good connectivity
  • Affordable kit and internet connection
  • Adoption of the skills required to understand and use technology to manage everyday tasks

Our activities

Digital Essex is working with key partners across the county to help tackle the causes of people being excluded digitally. These include lack of access to affordable connectivity, and limited digital skills and confidence.

Our projects and targeted campaigns aim to ensure that no one is left behind in the evolving digital world. Some of our projects include:

Laptop donation scheme

Working with our partner, EOL IT Services, we are accepting donations of old and unused laptops, which we will then recycle and use the value to buy new devices for those who need them most. Find out more about the scheme.

Social broadband tariffs

We are working to raise awareness of social broadband tariffs (discounted broadband deals) which are available to low-income families in receipt of Universal Credit and other benefits.