Is your business ready for the end of analogue phonelines?

The UK's telephone network is changing. By 2027, traditional phone lines will be replaced by a digital landline service. This means that calls will be made over a broadband line. 

If your business uses old analogue lines, you will need to switch your existing communications infrastructure to a digital network. This includes everything from your desk phones to your alarm systems and CCTV.  

Switching your business to a digital network 

Review your current set up. This is a good opportunity to evaluate and audit your existing communications infrastructure to see if you can find solutions that better suit your needs. 

Communicate with your teams. Keep your personnel informed and aware of how the digital switchover will impact them and what they need to do. 

Speak to your provider. Find out the impact the digital switchover will have on your business and what you need to do to be prepared. 

Other ways to get ready for the digital switchover 

Sign up for our business webinars. Our first webinar is taking place on 17 July and will provide guidance and resources to help businesses prepare for the transition to digital communication services. Reserve your free space to find out how to prepare.

Connect with local businesses. Join a business network to discuss and learn about how to best adapt to changing technology. 

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