Boosting mobile connectivity for Colchester residents and businesses

Residents and businesses in Colchester will soon be able to access a better 4G or 5G connection on the Virgin Media O2 network in the city centre. This is part of a pilot project using street lampposts to improve connectivity.

This pilot is a successful collaboration with connectivity infrastructure provider Freshwave and Essex Highways and will use small cell technology to boost network capacity in the city with minimal disruption. Small cells differ from traditional mobile masts in that they are shoebox sized and can be attached to existing street furniture to boost mobile coverage in busy urban areas. They cannot replace the need for traditional mobile masts but can discreetly improve mobile connectivity in heavily populated areas.

Is 5G safe?

You may have read false information that 5G is linked to Covid-19 or harmful levels of radiation. These reports are factually incorrect and 5G does not pose a threat to our safety. To address these concerns, we've put together a blog busting the myths commonly associated with 5G.