Get superfast broadband

Switch to superfast broadband today!

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Follow these steps to access faster broadband

1. Enter your address into the Superfast Essex rollout map:

  • If superfast or ultrafast broadband is available, you’ll see a pink dot. This means you can buy it now
  • If your work is available or planned by a commercial operator, you'll see a yellow dot. Get in touch with them to see what's available.
  • If your property is in the programmes plans for an upgrade, you’ll see a green dot. Keep checking the map to see when it’s available
  • If you see a blue dot, superfast broadband is not available or planned now. Visit our funding schemes page for other options on how to access faster broadband

2. Contact your existing broadband provider and do your research

  • Nobody is automatically connected to faster broadband. When upgrade work is completed, you’ll need to contact your existing provider. They will tell you how long your current contract has left or if you can switch to another package
  • If you want to change providers, there are many to choose from. Check out the providers available on the Openreach and Gigaclear networks. Make sure you do your research to find the best deal for you. There are broadband comparison sites available online
  • Tip: Check the speed of different packages, as cheaper packages can restrict your speed
  • Tip: By the way, there are other operators that exist in Essex. Superfast Essex is working with Openreach and Gigaclear

3. Place an order and enjoy the benefits of superfast broadband!

  • There are many ways in which broadband can help both businesses and residents. Find out more on the benefits of broadband and read our case studies
  • If you would like to share your story and become a case study, then why not contact us for more information?!