The benefits of superfast broadband for your business

There are many direct benefits your business could see as a result of having a faster, more reliable broadband service.

Transform the way you work and do business faster

Fibre broadband can enable you to gain faster access to your network wherever you are, making it easier to connect with your colleagues and customers online through videolinks, and sharing information, as well as allowing businesses to adapt to flexible working patterns.

When it's this fast to upload and download content, you don't have to keep that outdated catalogue on your laptop. And your customers benefit too; uploading web site content – even video – takes seconds, not hours.

Now you can react faster when customers get in touch. Use cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to manage your customers. Cut down service calls with “how to” videos that you can upload in seconds. Be proactive in getting updates to your customers with eDirect Mailing, via your website or social media.

Reach new customers across the globe with a better digital presence

Fibre broadband allows you to make your marketing digital, reaching customers through new, faster, richer and easier to track communications - all over the world. Presentation is everything – make the most of enhanced graphics and audio.

There are no geographical boundaries, so your new customers could be everywhere and anywhere. With online communications and online sales you can reach them quickly, whether they’re in Danbury, Dallas or Delhi.

Social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn help you reach new audiences cheaply and easily. Social media and digital marketing allow you to have engaging conversations with potential customers. Your reputation can benefit hugely from good things written about you online.

A strong online presence backed with active communications via social media can help you turn your customers into true champions for your business. Your old one-way marketing messages can become a rich conversation with customers.

Use cloud-based services to reduce IT costs

You can minimise the expense of technology infrastructure by moving to cloud-based services for CRM, billing and support. These services are normally able to offer better value than in-house functions. As costs go down, profitability goes up!

With cloud based IT, your computing applications and data are hosted out on the internet (the 'cloud'), instead of on your own computer or office-based server. Your applications and data are stored in data centres accessed over the internet. Internet does not necessarily mean it’s all out there for everyone to see, though. Access can be restricted via a ‘virtual private network’, so only you and your staff can see your business data.

Fibre broadband also gives your business the means to take up other cloud-based services that can have a very real impact on your bottom line. For example, Voice Over IP solutions (VOIP) (merging your data and telephony and running it over one network connection) or online customer ordering and delivery tracking systems.

Cloud-based services also allow you to deal with regulatory compliance without having to manage and implement costly system upgrades, as updates are usually included in the price.

Let your team work remotely and save on travel time

Why travel to meetings when you can video conference? With cloud-based data and application services, you can work almost anywhere.

Time is money. With faster uploads and downloads, you'll all work more efficiently. With the cloud as your data centre, your network need never slow down to back up data and do other routine data-intensive processes.

Now you can share assets and even collaborate on documents in real time. High quality video conferencing means keeping in touch with customers no matter where they are.

Cloud-based document sharing also means you can work from anywhere. Fibre broadband at home could help you and your employees achieve a better work life balance and help protect the environment too, through less commuter travel.

Upload, download, back-up and access data faster

Every business relies upon customer, product and commercial data. Security-certified cloud services and data centres now make it easy to protect these valuable assets and resources – and you can feel confident they are backed up and easy to recover, in an instant.

Now it only takes a few minutes to back-up valuable information. In fact, your data centre supplier may do this for you and you no longer need to worry about routine back-ups.

Without your customer and billing data your business wouldn’t last a fortnight. Fibre broadband means that you can back up your data off site and securely archive it. Don’t leave your business dependent on that ageing server under your desk.

You can access your data, files and information easily and securely – and from almost anywhere.