Interactive State Aid map

What State Aid is and how it affects what properties Superfast Essex includes in its plans.

An explanation of state aid

The Superfast Essex programme must follow EU State Aid laws. This is because the programme is run by Essex County Council and receives public investment from the UK government. State Aid law regulates where the programme can invest the public funding.
The programme is focused on the areas where there is ‘market failure’, i.e. superfast broadband speeds of 30Mbps and above are not available or planned to be made available within three years.

Superfast Essex is not allowed by law to invest in areas where superfast broadband is available or planned. Properties with existing or planned commercial broadband coverage are not eligible for future investment under the Superfast Essex programme.
The Government has more information about State Aid available:

State Aid map

Before Superfast Essex can do any work, it must find out where commercial broadband operators already have coverage. It holds an Open Market Review (OMR) or public consultation. It then plots this information onto a map to show the areas that still need investment. The Interactive State Aid map below shows the State Aid status of Essex addresses, as of September 2018. This map was used for planning the latest phase of the programme’s delivery.

Please note this map is not to be confused with the Superfast Essex interactive rollout map, which shows the CURRENT status of premises across Essex including Superfast Essex Phase 2, 3 and 4 deployment plans, available at:
On the map you will see properties classed within the Next Generation Access (NGA) categories as required by EU State Aid legislation to show the availability of superfast broadband:

• NGA Black (More than one superfast provider)
• NGA Grey (One superfast provider)
• NGA Under Review (Yellow - Superfast provision under review)
• or NGA White (No superfast providers).

Please consult the key below the map to help you understand how these categories have been applied and what this means for your property.

Where superfast provision is under review - NGA Under Review (Yellow) on the map, a commercial operator claim of existing or planned superfast coverage is being monitored and it has not yet been determined whether superfast provision is available. All properties planned for work under the Superfast Essex programme are also shown as NGA Under Review (Yellow).