What's happening next?

Superfast Essex aims to close remaining gaps in superfast broadband coverage across Essex. As well as progressing with existing planned work, the programme continues to look at options for what can be done next.

The current delivery phases already planned by the Superfast Essex programme are outlined on the About page. We recognise that the planned work will still leave some areas without access to superfast broadband though.

Our ambition is to make superfast broadband available to as many properties as possible. But we know there is currently not enough funding to reach everyone. We are continuing to explore options for more funding to do more work. We are unable to guarantee if or when we will be able to identify enough funding to do so. We aim to keep our data up to date so we know which properties need to be included in future plans where possible if and when further funding becomes available. This includes information from commercial operators which we are aware is subject to change as commercial network build plans change and operators work to improve the quality of their own data.

Some people will not be able to access superfast broadband and are not currently in future plans. If this is the case for you, we recommend you to explore what other options may be available. Here are some you could try:

  • Alternative funding support: www.superfastessex.org/fundingschemes.
  • Community-led schemes: The government has some guidance online about the different types of schemes available.
  • Register your demand – with us: Make sure if you haven’t already you complete the Make the Connection Survey to tell Superfast Essex you want faster broadband and to be considered in future plans: www.superfastessex.org/registerdemand.
  • Register your demand – with everyone else! Superfast Essex is encouraging more private investment in broadband. In several areas within the county this is now happening. We would encourage anyone who wants a faster broadband connection to register their demand with commercial network operators. This could influence commercial decisions to invest in upgrading broadband networks.
  • Other technology solutions: A lot of focus is on superfast and full fibre broadband, but there are other technologies also capable of achieving superfast speeds.
  • Tips to improve your existing connection: If you feel like you’ve exhausted all alternative options without success, there might still be some small changes you can make at home to help improve you current speed slightly. See if these tips from OfCom could help.

Future plans

Under EU State Aid law , Superfast Essex is only allowed to invest funding where there is ‘market failure’. This means where there is no superfast coverage available and no plans exist to deploy this within the next three years. Each time we plan a new phase of work we complete a review of broadband coverage to identify the areas of market failure to inform our plans. Find out more about State Aid and view the latest version of our State Aid map.
We will share on this page if there are any further plans confirmed under the Superfast Essex programme.