Superfast Essex Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

May 2021: Superfast Essex is continuing its rollout programme.

The Government has classed people working within the telecommunications sector as ‘key workers’ and we're working with our partners to connect as many people as possible during this unprecedented time.

If you have any questions for Superfast Essex, feel free to contact us using the online form.

Openreach and Gigaclear are continuing to provide an essential service, whilst adhering to Government guidelines. Full fibre installations are continuing, with full risk assessments being carried out prior to appointments.

Please visit Openreach’s dedicated Covid-19 page for further information:

Please visit Gigaclear’s dedicated Covid-19 page for further information:

Any further significant updates to this position will be published on this page.

Please follow this link for updates from Essex County Council and how Coronavirus is effecting it’s services:

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