Superfast Super Sam’s journey across Essex continues

Super Sam to visit Chelmsford

Super Sam, Essex’s broadband superhero, will be making his next two appearances in Chelmsford City centre on Saturday 18th June and the Tendring Hundred Show on Saturday 9th July, to raise awareness of the work which has happened so far to upgrade broadband services in the area.

Super Sam is championing superfast broadband on behalf of Superfast Essex, the county’s broadband improvement programme co-ordinated by Essex County Council, and will be in Chelmsford this Saturday between 10am and 3pm, to let Essex residents know where superfast broadband is available and tell them what they need to do to access it.

So far 27 cabinets in 11 different exchange areas in Chelmsford District have been upgraded to fibre broadband, as well as 39 cabinets in Maldon District and 44 in Braintree District.

Right now and over the course of the next few years, Superfast Essex is installing superfast fibre broadband across the county. Super Sam and his team are bringing increased broadband speeds capable of 24Mbps and above to many rural communities.

As work is completed to upgrade the broadband network to provide superfast speeds, no homes or businesses are automatically connected – customers have to contact a broadband service provider and ask to switch or buy a fibre broadband service.

Super Sam said: “I enjoyed meeting a lot of people in Colchester in April and now I’m super excited to be meeting everybody in Chelmsford and at the Tendring Hundred Show! It’s my superhero duty to bring superfast broadband to homes and business in Essex and make sure that everyone knows how to get connected when the new technology arrives. I want to help people study and access information online, keep in touch with their friends and families by video-calling and watch the latest films and TV programmes without the need of buffering. I’m here to help communities get up to speed.”

Super Sam will be making appearances in Essex throughout the year bringing with him superfast broadband to each community along the way. After Chelmsford, Super Sam will be making a visit to the Tendring Hundred Show on Saturday 9th July, where 37 cabinets have been upgraded in the district.

Essex County Councillor Penny Channer, Deputy Cabinet Member for Broadband and Enterprise and Superfast Essex Steering Board Chairman, said: “Super Sam is helping to raise awareness of the Superfast Essex broadband programme, and how it can benefit communities. I encourage everyone to go out and meet Super Sam when he visits, and talk to him about accessing superfast broadband in your area.”

Find out the latest broadband rollout information for your area at Anyone not covered by the Superfast Essex programme can register their demand for superfast broadband by completing the Make the Connection Survey at