5G for business

What can 5G do for my business?

5G is the fifth generation of mobile internet which has the potential to change how business is done in Essex. Regardless of how big or small your operation is, 5G could revolutionise how you run and develop your business.

A faster, more reliable network

You may have heard that 5G connectivity provides better access to the internet – including faster download speeds and decreased latency (reaction time). For businesses, this means access to rapid data transfer speeds and improved network reliability. Organisations that need to transfer larger amounts of data, such as those in software and analytics industries, will be able to produce results at a much quicker rate than before.

Increased capacity

With 5G, businesses that rely on sensors and other technology that uses the internet of things (IoT) will have the capacity to do so. 5G deployments can support 500 times the amount of devices than 4G. Lower latency, or reduced internet reaction time, will be increasingly valuable to businesses where real-time analysis and feedback is needed. This could be important in industries that use virtual reality (VR) and gaming.

A private 5G network

5G is capable of “network slicing” – a function that’s never been seen before in mobile internet technology. Network slicing is the ability to create multiple 5G networks using just one physical 5G network.

This has huge benefits as each slice of the 5G network can be dedicated to one use and therefore network capacity (or traffic) won’t be an issue. For example, if your business uses 5G for mobile broadband, you’ll have a slice of the network for that function only. As each slice is completely isolated from the others, you have complete flexibility over the data speed and latency (reaction time) of each slice. This way you can ensure your 5G network is delivering exactly what is required for optimal output.

To find out more about network slicing capabilities, contact your mobile network operator.

Supply Chain

5G in action

Below are some of the ways that businesses in Essex might use 5G in their operations.

Predictive maintenance – 5G will allow manufacturers and other industries to run their operations more efficiently, with the use of sensors in equipment and infrastructure which communicate their health and status in real-time. Businesses will be able to identify any faults instantaneously, reducing downtime, as well as boosting health and safety.

AI, automation and robotics – 5G will allow the greater use of edge computing and artificial intelligence. Businesses will be able to control robots remotely, which could be particularly useful in logistics and healthcare.

Asset tracking – 5G will give businesses the ability to accurately track a product within a supply chain. IoT devices attached to, or within, a product will not only be able to provide location data, but also the health of the item.

Virtual and augmented reality (AR) – Both VR and AR experiences will transform the way we are able to both teach and learn. It’ll also give businesses the opportunity to collaborate from different physical locations in the metaverse.

Customer insights – Whether you’re after physical customer insights such as crowd movements, or digital customer insights through online analysis, resources deployed with 5G using technologies such as machine learning can deliver real-time insights to adapt your campaigns.

For more examples of how 5G could help your business, visit the Mobile UK website.