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How to develop a social media campaign for LinkedIn

How to Develop a Social Media Campaign for LinkedIn

By Amy Bramwell, Eastern Enterprise Hub 

A big challenge that a lot of small and medium businesses face is a tight, or non-existent marketing budget. This means that using free or cheap marketing channels can be one of the only ways that an SME (small or medium enterprise) can promote itself. 

Social media is a great way for businesses to establish themselves online at a really low cost. 

LinkedIn in particular, provides major optimisation opportunities for businesses, as well as individuals. It offers the perfect platform for SME’s to communicate their expertise, and services or products in a professional manner. 

It’s important to understand the key ways to engage with people on LinkedIn, which is why composing an impactful social media campaign is essential. Here are three steps to creating an engaging social media campaign for LinkedIn:

  1. Establish your brand presence: Before people will begin to read and engage with the content you post, you need to optimise your brand on LinkedIn by making sure that it’s well represented on both your business and personal profiles. You can include your logo, or a photo of yourself on the Profile Photo section (I would suggest using your logo if this is your business profile), use banners to improve brand visibility and also include your main website link on your LinkedIn profile pages to retain and continue people’s interests. Never forget that your website is your biggest marketing tool. It’s also important to update the look of your profile/s regularly, to make sure your brand is consistent across all of your online channels.
  2. Connect with your audience: As with other social media sites, the quality of your connections always wins over the quantity. You want your network of contacts to know what you do and how well you do it, but also to actually take an interest in the content you’re posting about your business. There’s no point in connecting with people who probably won’t be interested in your posts.
    Make ‘connecting’ a habit. Each time you make a new connection via a face-to-face meeting, an important email or a phone conversation, look them up on LinkedIn. Once you’ve found them, send a personalized connection request message. Now they know more about who you are, they will be more likely to interact with the content you’re publishing in your social media campaign. 
  3. Engage your connections with your content: Once you have established your business’ brand and connected with the right type of connections, you can start to create engaging content for LinkedIn. I would suggest compiling a monthly campaign via a social media management tool, such as Hootsuite. Posting once every two days is a good place to start.

Its no secret that content is king. Engaging and interesting content is a powerful tool, yet is often tricky to create. A single blog post or online article can generate hundreds, if not thousands of views from potential customers. 
Your social media campaign should include content from experts, whether that’s you as the Chief Executive Officer or Managing Director, your marketer, or a friend or relative that has an in-depth understanding of your business and what you’re offering. Informative and often inspiring content needs to be produced, which is easy to understand and that reflects your business’ tone of voice. This content might take the form of blog posts, Vlogs (video blogs), video case studies, social media promotional posts or online articles, all of which should drive people back to your website. 

Always encourage people to get involved by asking open questions and always make it easy for people to share your content. You can do this by making sure your content is professional, easy to understand and above all, interesting and relevant. 

I hope this helps you to begin to develop content for your LinkedIn business and personal profiles, which your connections can engage with, and hopefully respond to. 

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