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How to vlog for business

How to Vlog for Business

By Anne Gould, Workingwordz Media

The beauty of video blogging (or Vlogging as it is often referred to) is that you can do it anywhere. You can film yourself outside in the fresh air or in the office, in your front room, kitchen or even your bathroom… but more of that later.

Video blogging is also really easy to get started - your phone and headphones will do nicely for kit and then all you have to do is set up your own channel on YouTube. It’s also great for people who don’t like writing, and is an excellent way to increase your Website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) ranking, whilst helping to get your message across on social media. Before you get going, here are 12 things you need to know:

  1. When recording, make sure your phone is in airplane mode so phone-calls or texts don’t interrupt you.
  2. Always use your phone in landscape, unless you are using apps like Periscope or Vine.
  3. Make sure your camera is steady - you can use a tripod, but you could also wedge your phone on a bookshelf or ledge. You could even use blue tack to secure it to the wall.
  4. Lighting - Natural light is best, with the light falling on your face. So, be sure to face the window, rather than having your back to it. If you’re in an office try illuminating the wall behind you with a spotlight.
  5. Sound - Viewers will tolerate poor visuals but not poor audio, so try and find a space where it’s quiet and there’s no echo. To start with you can use the microphone on your phone handset to get a better sound but once you get going a microphone should be your first purchase.
  6. Background - Plain backgrounds are best, as you don’t want people to be distracted. If you can find a nice white wall this is definitely the most ideal option, which is why many people record their videos in the bathroom!
  7. Check you have enough space and charge on your phone as videoing can eat up both.
  8. To start with, the native camera app on your phone is the simplest way to create video. Once you have mastered that, you can move on to something more sophisticated. I would recommend Filmic Pro.
  9. Never use digital zoom as it will just reduce the quality of your video.
  10. When you are recording, make sure the camera is level with your eye-line so you are not looking up or down, always be sure to look into the lens.
  11. You need to make a plan of what you want to say - maybe talk about a new product or service. Show your product being used, record a testimonial with a client or film a How To.
  12. Most importantly of all, think about the message you are trying to get across. Keep your videos short - one to three minutes max - and always make an effort to dress and look as you usually would in front of your customers.

Don’t expect your first video to be masterpiece, but know that as you master the technology and become more comfortable talking to camera, it will get easier. I promise.

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