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How to make your website appeal to online customers

How to Make Your Website Appeal to More Customers 

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Words below written by Louise Stephens, Director of Marketing Fox

Steve jobs said about the web in an interview back in 1995:

 “It is the ultimate, direct-to-customer distribution channel. Another way to think about it is, the smallest company in the world can look as large as the largest company in the world, on the web.”

How right he was!

There are 5 key points to making your website appeal to your online customers. This short blog post will whizz you through them all!

  1. User journey
    Making sure people know what to do when they land on your site is the MOST important part of your websites success! Always start here, don’t get bogged down with design until you have mapped out the journey you want your customers to take.
  2. Calls to action
    Someone has landed on your site, hurrah! But now what? When it comes to websites we actually quite like to be told what to do, so tell us. Include strong calls to action throughout that leads us on a journey to conversion.
  3. Device
    Now more people are using the internet on mobile devices than on a desktop, this means your website MUST be optimised for mobile devices by either having a responsive design, a mobile specific website or in very few circumstances and App might be appropriate.
  4. Design
    Steve jobs was renowned for his eye for design, he used the word ‘Taste’ a lot when designing Apple products, this is a mantra we use all the time at Marketing Fox. Consider your audience’s taste over and above your own to design something that is appealing to them.
  5. Visibility
    Ensuring that your customers can find your website through search engines is vital to its success. Nearly every journey on the internet starts with a search engine. Having a strong, long-term SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy will help to make your website visible to your customers based on their search habits.  

So there you have it, my 5 top tips to making your website appeal to your online customers. One final piece of advice, don’t skip a step as if you do the whole thing will fall over!