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How to develop your audience's persona 

How to Develop Your Audience's Persona 

Video starring Amy Bramwell, Eastern Enterprise Hub
Words below written by Louise Stephens, Director of Marketing Fox

If you have seen me speak before you will know that I am a HUGE advocate of ‘Persona Based Marketing,’ essentially this means that you first profile each of your audience groups before you get started with any proper marketing!

How does it work?
First off you need to identify your audience groups, once you have done this you can then pick one and begin to profile them. Now, I am a very visual person (which is why my arms resemble a windmill when I speak!) so I like to imagine this group as one person sitting opposite me at my desk... What do they look like? How old are they? Are they male/ female? Etc. The next thing we like to do at Marketing Fox is give this person a name, not just for fun, but for reference when we come to do any marketing for that audience, ‘So today we are doing an email to Sally, a blog post for Richard and a social campaign for Tom.’
Once I have this image built up I then move on to their business profile (if I’m working B2B) or personal profile (if I’m working B2C) from here we look at what we call their ‘Drivers’ where we highlight the reasons that they would use your product/ services and then, sometimes more importantly, the ‘Barriers’ i.e. why they wouldn’t use your product/ service. You need to be really honest with this exercise as it can be extremely enlightening. If you have done this honestly, you will now have a great insight into your audience’s wants and needs as well as an insight into how you can tackle their sales barriers.

The last thing we always recommend doing is giving this person a value, now we’re not talking specifics necessarily (although if you have them that is fantastic!) but you might want to label them with ‘High’ ‘Medium’ or ‘Low’ values. The reason for this is to try and stop you wasting time marketing to low value customers and spend more time going after the high value business. 

When you are finished you should have something that looks like this: